Being pregnant is an experience like no other. If you have a dear friend who is expecting her first child, then you would want to make this period in her life special for her. You can do so by giving her gifts that remind her of how much you care for her and her baby. Here are some ideas you can go by:

  • Journal or Diary

During the whole experience, a pregnant mum will have many things to write about, such as first movements, funny cravings, and other stories that she will want to show her child later on in life. For this reason, a notebook and a pen can be a thoughtful present that even your friend may not have expected.

  • Comfy Tees

Just because she is heavy with child does not mean your gal pal cannot remain fashionable. She can retain her sense of style when you give her a set of comfortable tops that help her look good.

  • Health Supplements and Hygiene Products

Show your friend that her wellbeing is important to you. Vitamins and medications that are safe for pregnant ladies like her can be practical yet thoughtful gifts. In addition, you might want to consider feminine wipes and other sanitary products as presents, since this time for her might be a particularly uncomfortable one hygiene-wise.

  • Bath Items

Does your pal fancy spending time in a tub or on a massage table to ease her worries and aches away? You can make this experience possible for her when you give her an assortment of bath products such as shower gels, bath soaks, and even some massage oils. One thing to remember: be selective about the scents that you choose, as her senses may be extra sensitive at this time.

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