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Eco Kettle - Cordless Jug Kettle

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The Eco Kettle LD201A can be filled with up to 1.5 litres of water, using its unique double chamber, you can then decide how much to heat, from one cup (200ml) to full capacity, simply by pressing the knob. The water you don’t use remains ready for next time.

In independent consumer trials, the standard ECO Kettle used an average of 31% less energy than any other kettle, and is the only kettle to be awarded the “Recommended” mark by the UK’s Energy Saving Trust.

How does it work?

Fill the main reservoir to the MAXIMUM level and close the lid using a firm downward pressure.
Ensure that the control knob clicks back into the closed position and the lid is securely closed.
Place the ECO Kettle on its power base and plug in the power cord to a standard domestic power socket and switch on.
You are now ready to decide how much water you wish to boil – from one cup to the full kettle.
To deliver water to the boiling chamber, press down firmly on the control knob until water flows into the boiling chamber.
Watch the water level rise in the front window until it reaches the required mark.
Switch the ECO Kettle on at power base.

For your guidance:
One small cup = 150 to 200ml
One large cup/mug = 200 to 300ml

Overfilling a kettle each time you boil, for a week, wastes enough energy to:
- light your house for a day
- run your TV set for 26 hours

  • Save money by only boiling the water you need
  • 1.5 litre capacity
  • Cordless
  • 360 degree base with cord storage
  • Locking lid
  • Illuminated buttons
  • Washable limescale filter

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