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  • Polly Leonard, the Editor of Selvedge, talks about the Cult Textile Design Publication

  • Who Doesn't Want Beautiful, Classic, Conscious Everyday Wardrobe Essentials? Penny Jones discusses the creation of The White T-Shirt Co

  • Listen each month to Better Thinking's quest for The Perfect T-Shirt. Have your say about which t-shirt they should produce by PLACING YOUR VOTE NOW.

  • Cotton and Death
    Damien Sanfilippo, Cotton Project Officer at
    Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN-UK) tells us
    of his realisation about the Cotton Industry.

  • Hot and new products

  • Win the Latest Issue of Selvedge!

  • News Focus, what's hitting the headlines AND

  • Walk the Talk, what to see and do this fortnight

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    Polly Leonard
    Editor of Selvedge

              For The Fabric of Your Life

    Selvedge was developed without any outside funding, launched without a marketing budget and has grown into a cult Textile Design Publication due to fantastic word of mouth reports. They are close to their second birthday which is a real achievement, clearly the time was right for a magazine like Selvedge.

    Polly Leonard, Editor of Selvedge, explains why she was determined to create the ideal magazine for those who love here

    WHAT'S NEW AND HOT at The Natural Store (click on image)
    Marseilles Dress in Hibiscus

    Loyale from NYC brings a fresh and flowing look.

    African Grass Ivory Hemp Cushion

    Be Wild and Wonderful with these beautiful, hemp/silk cushions.

    Organic Choc Easter Bunnies

    You're still in time to order and indulge in Gateau d'Amours scrummy Organic Easter Eggs and Bunnies! Latest order time is 3pm Tue, 11th April.

    Geta Japanese Sandals in Bamboo

    Geta Sandals from Japan, in bamboo and wood for both Gentlemen and Ladies.

    V Neck, Fitted, Green Cotton T-Shirt

    WHO DOESN'T WANT Beautiful, Classic and Conscious Everyday Wardrobe Essentials?

    Look in any woman’s wardrobe and you’d be hard pushed not to find a white t-shirt in there somewhere. The white t-shirt is one of those reassuringly basic items. Casual enough to go with jeans, but classic enough to wear under a suit. You can’t really go wrong with a trusty T – but can you?

    Read Penny Jones' crusade to create beautiful, everyday essentials with a wearable difference!

    WALK THE TALK - What to see and do this fortnight
    Natural and Organic
    Products Show Europe
    Olympia London
    9-10 April 2006

    more info

    Big Business
    The Triodos Bank Annual Meeting

    Sat, 8 April 2006
    International Convention
    Centre, Birmingham.

    more info

    Green Design
    Creativity with
    a Conscience

    31 Mar - 25 Jun
    Special Exh Gallery
    Level 3
    Museum of Scotland
    Admission free

    more info

    How to create the Perfect T-Shirt with the smallest ecological footprint.
    Some of you may already have heard about Better Thinking's Perfect T-Shirt Project. It's our attempt to take a universal symbol of consumer society, something that pretty much every person in every country in the world can relate to, and then find the most socially positive and environmentally responsible way to produce it.

    Click here to read about Better Thinking's quest and how they want to hear your opinion by VOTING for which T-Shirt you think should be produced

    NEWS FOCUS - What's being talked about in the Press

    A Gripping Yarn. The cashmere sweater, a wardrobe staple and mainstay of the Scottish knitwear industry, is under threat. Jane Wheatley reports for Times 2 that China is cutting supplies of yarn to protect the steppes habitat. Click here for article.

    A Natural Selection. Charles Darwin spent years analysing species around his home. The Guardian discusses how campaigners now want the land saved as a world heritage site. Click here for article.

    Ban on Seal Products would knock sense into Canada. Robbie Marsland, the UK Director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, discusses with The Guardian. Click here for article.

    'Sustainability' used to be just for hippies. In America, it's now big business, says Oliver Bennett from The Telegraph. Click here for article.

    The Ethical Travel Guide - EUROPE, AMERICAS, AFRICA, ASIA AUSTRALASIA. Your passport to globe-trotting without a guilt trip by Simon Calder, Travel Editor, The Independent. Click here for article.

    Selvedge - Issue 10

    We would love to know what ethical clothing labels you would like to see at The Natural Store.

    Tell us in the box below and click the 'Submit Answer' button. We will then select, at random, a winner to receive the latest issue of SELVEDGE. The winner will be notified via their email address and we will publish the winner's name in the next issue of Pecha Kucha.

    The winner of our last competition to win 2 tickets to the Ideal Home Show was Chris Fawcett from London. Well done Chris!


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