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  • Michael Solomon explains how we can and should SEE companies with social ambitions.

  • Ethiscore - Helping you and I make Better Consumer Decisions!

  • The IBE talks of Doing Things Ethically AND Doing Ethical Things

  • Raw Intent tells us how to Detox your Body and your Mind for Summer

  • Hot and new products from vintage skirts to organic foods for your pets

  • Win soft and gentle Organic Marigold Shampoo from NHR!

  • News Focus, what's hitting the headlines AND

  • Walk the Talk, what to see and do this fortnight.

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    Michael Solomon, founder of SEE Companies, explains why it is in the best interests of businesses with social ambitions to shout about what they do and how they do it.

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    WHAT'S NEW AND HOT at The Natural Store
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    Pets Alive

    Organic & Probiotic, these pet food supplements, for your cat and dog, give them the extra's in their food, they may be missing.

    Soy Wax Candles

    Gorgeously scented Candles from Art Farm Aromatherapy in France.


    Unique Vintage Print Skirt
    in UK 12 / US 8

    The Outback Scarf Collection

    Fairly traded, handwoven, pakucho and quoperfina Scarves.

    WALK THE TALK - What to see and do this fortnight

    Kingston Green Fair
    Kingston, London

    Mon, 29 May 2006
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    Love Life with
    Daryl Hannah
    Fab and interesting short video sketches!
    From hemp to vegan junk food, biodesel to the ASEC.

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    Vintage Fashion Fair

    Gray's Antique Market, London

    Sun, 21 May 2006
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    People might consider ethical business an oxymoron, and the idea of multinationals making an honest profit as impossible. Surveys of public opinion continue to show that the general public holds business in rather poor repute. Dr Nicole Dando talks to us about the IBE's rold in changing this. Click here for Dr Nicole Dando talking to us about the IBE's rold in changing this.

    NEWS FOCUS - What's being talked about in the Press

    The Eco Eatery Whatever you order, eating out comes with a side-dish of environmental damage. Rich Cookson for The Independent reports how one award-winning chef is now serving up Britain's first carbon-neutral restaurant. Click here for article.

    The Ethical Shopper Cod, best avoided or occasional treat? Dominic Murphy for The Guardian discusses what the Marine Conservation Society and Greenpeace have to say. Click here for article.

    Checklist for a Greener Way of Living Whether buying a new home or giving your property an environmental make-over, there are plenty of eco-options out there, from solar panels to rain-water harvesting. Click here for article.

    Giant Strides In its new corporate social responsibility plan, Tesco promises to be a 'good neighbour' and 'friend of the environment'. Mark Gould discusses if it is just another sales pitch, or have they done too much damage already? Click here for article.

    Politics. Alice Miles from The Times tells us why deep greenm is still so out of fashion for Labour and Conservative. Click here for article.

    Green Returns. The cliché that you have to pay a price for investing ethically no longer holds true: as with any other fund, there are green funds that outperform the market - and those that do not. Paul Farrow reports for The Telegraph. Click here for article.

    What hair products would you like to see available at The Natural Store?

    The Natural Store currently offers Verde, NHR, Living Nature and John Master's Organics, but are there other brands you would like to see available?

    Tell us in the box below and click the 'Submit Answer' button. We will then select, at random, a winner to receive a bottle of NHR's Organic Marigold Shampoo, suitable for both babies and adults alike. The winner will be notified via their email address and we will publish the winner's name in the next issue of Pecha Kucha.

    The winner of our last competition to win a Selection of Hampstead Fair Trade Teas was Kumi Taorell from London. Well Done, Kumi!


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