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Breakfast Booster
Emma Goldie of Raw Intent

Itís all very well increasing your veg and filling up with salads and fruits to dose up on vitamins and minerals, but snacks are often where our finest intentions go out of the window. Stealing a quick fix and feel good moment to get us through the day and to boost our lapsing energy, neednít be naughty or lead to a down fall. The indulgence can be one of purity, health and taste all in one. Leaving you with sustained energy, rather than unsatisfied cravings or feelings of guilt, may well be the way forward in terms of giving your body, cells and taste buds exactly what they are looking for!

Food Cravings
When we experience cravings there could be a number of processes occurring: our cells will be looking for looking for levels of sustenance and nutrition; our emotions or mind will be looking for a different experience from what we are actually feeling or thinking; and our system is in desperate need of re-hydration.

Varying Flavours
Introducing interesting flavours, colours and textures to our foods provides a satisfaction for our palette and brings an excitement to our eating. We so often get stuck in the rut of eating the same foods, or eating with a variety of motivations, that we can sometimes forget to enjoy our food or feed our cells properly. Combination snack products satisfy in a different way by using a range of nutrients, colours, textures and flavours. They are different from fruits in that they donít mess with the blood sugar balance in the body.

Healing Properties
Superfoods have therapeutic properties and will support the system in different ways. They can also help as part of a weight loss or detox programme.

Yacon Root
Ideas for healthy snack options:

Re-hydrate: If you are feeling peckish firstly re-hydrate with water. Our body is made of up to 80% water and will always appreciate the help.

Sustain: Seeds are a great sustaining snack. If possible to pre-soak this would be ideal but best to grab a handful of seeds rather than a chocolate bar or packet of crisps. Try pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds or flax seeds. Nuts are also a good source of vitamins and minerals, but donít overdo it on the nuts. The healthy fats in them can put stress on the liver if eaten in large quantities over long periods of time. When possible pre-soak the nuts and limit to a handful per day. Foods with high protein levels and healthy fats will nourish the cravings more than sugars which will spiral the cravings out of control.

Nourish: Vegetables and fruits help to re-hydrate and are full of water as well as essential vitamins and minerals. If you can spend five minutes chopping a few veg and grab some fruit on the way into work, these are great healthy options. Where possible choose fresh and organic. Fruits may play with the blood sugar levels so watch your reactions if you start craving too much fruit. Fruit cravings may also be due to dehydration.

Boost: Try some of combination snack packs: Booster, Omega Boost, Carob Boost, Sprinkles, and Low GI Snacks. Alternatively, the individual superfoods such as Yacon, Wolfberries, Bee Pollen and Cacao are sure to give you a boost of essential vitamins and minerals to uplift your spirits, mood and energy.

Raw Chocolate Delights
Get Creative
Try making some energy balls or bars of your own, combining hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts, wolfberries, coconut (chips, desicated or creamed) and some agave or yacon syrup. Other additions could be raw oats, quinoa flakes, coconut oil, barleygrass, spirulina, maca, raw cacao, bee pollen, carob powder, yacon powder, lucuma powder, soya lecithin or dried fruits.

What to Avoid
Salted snacks. Salt drains the body of magnesium so will stress the system unnecessarily and strip the bodies ability to function at its optimum levels. Re-hydrating with water is essential to help the body deal with increased salt intake.

Refined Sugars
Even fruit sugars can play havoc with the blood sugar levels. After a highly sugared snack the bodyís energy will rocket sky high and then take a dive. This will leave us feeling worse than we did in the first place and can even aggravate mood swings. Use snacks that are sweetened with low gi/low gl syrups/powders i.e. agave, yacon and lucuma. A handful of seeds with sweeter snacks will help the body to sustain itís energy levels over a longer period.

Processed Fats
There is such an over production of processed fats in the food industry. Not only does this have depleting effects on our body it also puts big stresses on environmental resources. We all need healthy fats (our brain is up to 80% fat) so try to up your levels of flax oil, hemp oil, pumpkin oil, coconut oil. Make sure they are cold pressed and unadulterated.

Eating When Stressed
Often different stresses can trigger a reaction of eating. If we are eating for the wrong motivations we will not be making the right choices in our food intake. A glass of warm water can help the body to manage stress and may just keep you off those biscuits chocolate, crisp or bread fixes. Focus on nourishing and nurturing the body rather than eating on the run, if you can.

Combination Snacks
available from beg of April
Raw Intent has a wide range of Superfoods and Combination Snacks that can help you to Snack Happy:

ē Wolfberries have a high protein content, so will sustain the body over periods as well as boosting vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin and mineral levels. Wolfberries are also known to support the blood, kidneys, liver, heart and cholesterol levels.
ē Yacon Root will not register as a sugar (even though it is sweet). It contains Inulin which supports the blood sugar balance, so can be eaten by those with sugar sensitivities and blood sugar disorders. Yacon is also therapeutic for a healthy intestinal micro flora balance and intestinal flow. It is a great sustaining snack for in between and after meals.
ē Bee Pollen is a complete food and contains a perfect balance of proteins and fats to assist the body in sustaining and maintaining energy.
ē Raw Cacao has high magnesium levels and theobromine which will both support the function of the brain, healthy moods and energy levels.
ē Our Raw Chocolate Delights, Truffles and Cacao Berry Crunch balls (coming soon to The Natural Store) are healthy, raw, sugar free and tasty. They also contain lots of love!
ē Watch out for Raw Intent's new range of Oils coming in April to The Natural Store.

Please note, that guidelines for superfoods are for information purposes only. If you would like more detailed information sheets on Raw Intent's Superfoods listed above, please email and we can forward these with any advice necessary.

Watch out for our next article in Pecha Kucha, where we will be teaching you how to make your very own raw chocolate Easter Eggs!
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