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Angelique Mother and Baby Skincare Range

After spending nearly 20 years as a top international make-up artist, product developer and most importantly a MOTHER, I developed Angelique and launched it last year. I have had four years of stress but also great joy putting this range together. It has been developed with knowledge, understanding, time and love.

After having my children and spending many days and hours lovingly giving them a massage after their baths, I realised that they were not the only ones to benefit from the massage, but my husband and I did as well because the children were relaxed and calm. This bonding ritual gave me the idea for a massage and skincare range. At the time there were no beautiful, natural products for babies and children that had the same desirability and quality of ingredients that we expect for ourselves. I knew I wanted this for my children as well as myself. I had been massaging them with either Olive Oil or Almond Oil and although this was fantastic and beneficial, I wanted a range that could contain all these elements and more. Having worked in the beauty industry for years, I found this need to pamper my children with good natural products was second nature. Once I started talking about my ideas and beliefs, it didn’t take me long to realise that I seemed to be in a minority. I could not understand why friends of mine felt that their babies needed little or no attention paid to their skin. If they did apply products, they all seemed happy to put on products that were full of petroleum jelly and mineral oils. I could only assume that they were just misinformed? Even on my own skin I had always preferred to use simple rose or almond oil.

When my son Oliver was seven years old and Alice, my daughter, was two, my journey to develop the range began. I needed the products to be natural, beneficial, beautiful and dual purpose as I wanted them to suit mothers and children. I had already been working with an amazing chemist and asked her to help me develop the products. I spent hours researching children’s sense of smell and was fascinated with what I learnt. Children have an acute sense of smell and this sense helps define not only their environment, but their state of mind as well. Therefore it was essential to use 100% aromatic oils that had calming and reassuring properties.

After many months our unique signature scent was ready and is now used throughout the range. Unlike many skincare brands that are in the shops, Angelique has been specifically formulated with well being in mind. This truth and dedication to truly pure products is what makes Angelique so special. Using quality raw materials in the formulations makes our product more expensive but we don’t fill the products with water – we fill them with essential ingredients and belief in our children’s healthy future.

During the development of the formulations, I was also designing the packaging with the same attention to detail. A friend of mine designed my logo and we spent many an hour designing angels before our very own Angelique angel appeared! Our products are placed in exquisite muslin bags, boxed and tamper sealed with an Angelique angel.

After four amazing years the range was ready. This was quite an enormous personal achievement as I had done this by myself and financed the project with every spare penny I could find. Angelique products are the perfect gift for someone with a new baby – giving Angelique means giving a gift that says we deeply care.

Although I am very proud of what I have accomplished, another daunting task lays ahead – Educating parents regarding the importance of what we are putting on our baby’s skin. We will eventually realise this. For now, using Angelique is the best first step in ensuring healthier skin for our children.

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