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Since its original creation some four years ago Lazy Baby has continually proved that it is a clothing label with a difference. Innovative styles, imaginative ideas and colourful designs are certainly responsible for the label’s widespread popularity. However, undoubtedly what sets this brand apart from most other fashionable children’s clothing labels is its use of organic cotton and commitment to fair trade principles in the production of each garment. Now with two collections and a brand new summer catalogue the Lazy Baby label is a range to be reckoned with. So how did it all happen?

Well the story actually begins way back in 1993 when the company Plain Lazy Ltd was started by a Mr. Mark Hagley. After nine successful years in the fashion industry, specialising solely in menswear, 2001 signalled a time for a change. In more ways than one! Inspired, no less, by the imminent birth of his own child… combined with the distinct lack of cool clothing for babies, Plain lazy embarked on its first new line… Lazy Baby.

The objective was to create fresh and funky clothing using high quality natural fabric and to have a relatively low impact on the environment and society in the process. After much research, organisation and negotiation this was successfully achieved by using a local, Agrocel certified manufacturers. During the last year, however, we are pleased to report that production has moved offshore to accommodate the overwhelming rise in demand.

So, having been raised until now under the caring wing of its older brother, Plain Lazy, this month Lazy Baby is ready to emerge from the shadow and brave the fashion world alone.

With public interest in eco products, organic goods and fair trade practices steadily rising, prospects for the future of Lazy Baby are looking good. Through unique and stylish ranges boasting a variety of designs, colours and organic fabrics, Lazy Baby proves that fashionable clothing can most definitely be ‘fair’!

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