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BUAV National Cruelty-Free Week
17-23 July 2006

What's it all about?
The BUAV's annual National Cruelty-Free Week provides the public with an introduction to the issue of animal testing through the BUAV's 'ethical consumer' campaigns, educating people about how to boycott animal tested products and make positive choices by going cruelty-free.

Consumer Choice

Boycotting animal tested cosmetics, toiletries and household products and supporting companies that are genuinely cruelty-free remains a top priority for ethical consumers. National Cruelty-Free Week only supports companies approved under the BUAV’s Humane Cosmetics Standard and the Humane Household Products Standard, the world's only reliable and international 'kite-marks' for beauty and household products that are genuinely not tested on animals.

National Cruelty-Free Week 2006

Held during 17-23 July, National Cruelty-Free Week 2006 aims to be a fantastic success, with dozens of local and national events happening across the UK. Individuals, groups, and cruelty-free companies are all taking part—won’t you join us by contacting the BUAV about two (or more!) of the below action points?

1. Make your home animal-friendly with the BUAV’s Little Book of Cruelty-Free. Every purchase you make, you can vote for kindness to animals by purchasing cosmetics and cleaning products that haven’t been tested on animals. The BUAV’s wallet-sized guide lets you know where to find fantastic cosmetics, shampoos, toothpastes, and washing up liquid that haven’t been tested on animals. Order one for free here, or see the online version here.

2. Spread the word by handing out BUAV’s free leaflets to friends and co-workers, and circulate our petition to get a ban on testing household products on animals. Order your free leaflets and petitions by clicking here. Or, you can take it one step further by holding your own street stall. Street stalls are easy to organize (all you need is a busy public place, a folding table, and the BUAV will provide you with all of the leaflets and posters you need) and you can reach hundreds of people just by standing behind the table for an hour our two. Contact the campaigns team for your very own National Cruelty Free Week ‘street stall pack’.

3. Get fundraising. Collections are an easy way to raise money for the BUAV and help spread the message that experiments on animals must stop. Placing a collection box in a public place, like your local newsagent, vet or vegetarian café is a small amount of effort with big returns! Or, you can organise a street collection for the BUAV in your local area. Simply send an email to to get all of the details that you need!

4. Make your work place cruelty-free by persuading them to dump cleaning products that have been tested on animals. This is probably one of the easiest and most exciting things you can do for National Cruelty Free Week. An activist in Leeds has already convinced the surgery she works for to only use cleaning products that are listed in the BUAV’s Little Book of Cruelty-Free, and Leicester City Council is taking steps to make sure all of their soaps and cleaners are BUAV-approved. Whether you are a manager in a large bank, or work behind the bar at your local pub, this is a way you can use your voice to help animals. Contact us at for an action-pack on how to make your workplace cruelty-free. Even if you don’t work, or are a student, you can get involved in the programme by approaching your school, your local gym, or just about anywhere!

5. Organise an upbeat ‘bunny’ photo-call in your city centre between 17-23 July. Just grab two friends, pick a time and location and the BUAV campaigns team will do the rest. We’ll send you leaflets, rabbit masks, and a few small posters which read COSMETIC TESTING—BAD NEWS FOR BUNNIES. BUY CRUELTY-FREE! You’ll reach hundreds of people with your message of compassion. Never organised a small photo-call before? No problem—just drop an email to our experienced campaigns team at The feedback we get from ‘first-timers’ is overwhelmingly positive and you might be surprised at how fun and rewarding this kind of thing can be. Just get in touch and we’ll help you get things organised, and possibly find other people to come to your event. If you don’t use your voice to speak up for animals this July, who will?

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