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Suki is a sophisticated, dynamic and 100% natural skin, body and hair care collection, formulated using the purest botanical and organic ingredients combined with scientific innovations. Created in the US, suki is already a cult favourite. Recently chosen to go into the A list goody bags at the Oscars, falling in to the hands of Keira Knightly, Dame Judi Dench, Rachel Weisz, Charlize Theron and many more!

Suki is effective, high end skincare that never compromises its function by being all-natural. Natural active elements including liposomes and antioxidants in high concentrations work hard to create energetic, clean skin that radiates health. Why challenge your skin with the introduction of artificial chemicals? Naturally occurring elements are alive, powerful and work in synergy with your skin for best results whatever the skin condition – normal, combination, dry, oily, blemishing, acne, eczema and rosacea.

Suki is the brain child of Suki Kramer, whose philosophy of natural beauty is reflected in the environmentally sound, clean, simple packaging and her use wherever possible of organic ingredients and always 100% natural. A lover of high end personal care products, but herself a sufferer of eczema. After trying many products to no avail, Suki set out to study beauty and natural formulations. Working with chemists the result was - suki pure skin care - which allowed Suki's own skin to detox from the harsh, unnatural ingredients she had been previously using but at the same time offer her skin the same high performance and rid her of her skin complaints.

Whole organic herbs have been expertly selected to carry out what nature intended – natural healing. The miraculous shitake – a pure antioxidant and rejuvenator, ‘plumps up’ skin for a naturally youthful look. The Native American Yerba protein counteracts dryness with natural gylcoproteins to soothe and moisturise. Let your complexion breathe with the unadulterated facial moisture serums which replenish and reprogramme the way your skin works, the blue chamomile serum with echinachea is excellent for acne and eczema, while the carrot serum is ideal for very dry mature skin types. Or try the potent herbal tinctures in the concentrated facial toners white willow for oily skin and shitake for dry. The exfoliating lemongrass cleanser with chamomile and vitamin C cleanses, exfoliates, refreshes, and brightens – leaving a youthful skin. Our absolute favourite, versatile for all skin conditions and smells divine!

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