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laidbare – always beneficial, never artificial
everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it - confucius

laidbare is a brand new collection of pure, natural and beneficial skin, body and lifestyle delights blended from the highest quality, naturally derived ingredients by Sarah Silvester and her team of experienced chemists. Sourced from fresh, living plants, the superior essential oils and natural extracts are expertly and deliciously blended with vitamins into a luxurious skin food that promises to be always beneficial, never artificial – even the preservatives. And taking the sense of responsibility further, laidbare sources from only ethical, traceable and passionate producers.

A blend of natural floral essential oils makes laidbare smell simply heavenly – jasmine, bergamot, patchouli, vertiver and ylang ylang are entwined to be fresh, sensual and enticing. Choose from this mouth-watering collection for the body and home . . .

Chamomile Bath Soak
German chamomile, marshmallow, apricot extracts and jojobachamomile is an all round skin soother and calmer, marshmallow and apricot are super softening, soothing, conditioning, hydrating a rich nourishing skin oil that holds in moisture.

Grapefruit Seed Body Wash with vitamin complex
organic grapefruit seed, vitamin e, vitamin C, B5 and B6
rich in powerful antioxidants and anti-bacterial, a known antioxidant protects cells from damaging effects of oxidisation.

100% Natural Body Oil
jojoba oil, rosehip and sun flower oils, evening primrose oil, almond oil
known as ‘the natural moisturising factor’, rich in fatty acids, intensely moisturising, superb skin smoother, highly nutritious, fantastic moisturiser to leave skin refined.

Sunflower Oil Hand Cream with organic shea butter and vitamin C
sunflower oil, organic shea butter, vitamin C
deeply moisturising for hard working hands, intensely healing, an anti-oxidant known to rejuvenate and strengthen skin.

Rice Bran Body Polish with rosehip extract, almond oil and vitamin C
rice bran, rosehip extract and almond oil and vitamin C
a natural exfoliant to deeply but gently clean intense moisturisers, an antioxidant known to rejuvenate and strengthen all skin types.

Organic Shea Body Butter with rosehip, carrot and avocado oils
organic shea butter, rosehip oil, carrot oil, avocado oil
intensely healing and deeply softening, beneficial to distressed skins and intensely moisturising, aids dry skin conditions, one of most moisturising, therapeutic and healing oils.

Tranquil Candle with a natural blend of floral oils
jasmine, bergamot, patchouli, vetiver
ylang ylang unique blend of essential oils relaxes and sensually lifts the mood.

As We Travel gift set
Chamomile Bath Soak
Grapefruit Seed Body Wash
100% Natural Body Oil
Sunflower Hand Cream
Tranquil mini Candle

Each laidbare product comes with its own inspiring mantra to remind us that beauty is more than skin deep (beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart – Kahlil Gibran / practice random beauty and senseless acts of love – anonymous) and to remind us all to kickback, relax and enjoy life.

laidbare - simply a treasure trove to enjoy for clear skin – and a clear conscience . . .
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