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Sunday, 13 August from 12 Noon to Sundown.
East 23rd Street & the East River, NYC.

CitySol, a summer music and market series on Manhattan's East River waterfront is powered by the belief that bringing environmentalism to New York means first putting more New York into the environmental movement.

The urban lifestyle, contrary to popular belief, is the most sustainable form of living in terms of energy and resource consumption. It's true that the ecological footprint of our city is broad and deep, but New York is also a global hub of cultural, commercial and technological imagination, and ideas and applications of sustainability are in no short supply.

Citysol celebrates the idea that greening New York is about unleashing, not taming, the city and its energy. Each free all-day event includes: renewable energy-powered live music featuring emerging NYC acts, interactive exhibits showcasing key innovations, practices and policies for New York's sustainable future, and a green lifestyle marketplace offering apparel, electronics, household goods, media and much more.

Music Performers
Egg Foo
The Himalayan Marching Band
Vasilli Gavre & Emme
Monica Sharp
DJ Sascha
Marc-Alan Gray
Ocote Soul Sounds

aGaiN NYC - accessories made from repurposed materials
5C Cultural Center & Bailey's Cafe - center for education, activism, and the performing arts
Bicycle Paintings
Birdbath Bakery - organic bakery with a sustainable storefront
Bluestockings Bookstore - bookstore, cafe, and activist center
Bright Power - consultants in energy efficiency and solar energy
Delano Collection - sustainable luxury apparel and homewares
Doie Designs - eco-friendly loungewear
Eco-logic - online resource for sustainable living in NYC
Ecologic Advisors - environmental investment advisors
Farmer Kids - organic clothing for babies and kids
Fizzy Lizzy - all-natural sparkling fruit juice
gomi nyc - eco-friendly clothing and accessories
Good Magazine - a new voice for doing well by doing good
Green Map System - global eco-cultural mapmaking movement
interrupcion* - community for social change through socially responsible choices
Just Food - working to develop a just and sustainable NYC food system
Lower East Side Ecology Center - recycling, composting, and environmental education center
Lower East Side Girls Club - girls' community center and Sweet Things Bake Shop
Lucky Dog Designs - blank books handmade from waste paper
Mad Imports - fair trade accessories from Madagascar and Kenya
NYC Fair Trade Coalition - market-based movement for equitable trade
o2nyc - global network for sustainable design
Peripheral Media - t-shirt silkscreening promoting social transformation
Pro'tech'd - sustainable clothing and accessories Reiter 8 - bags made from reused sails
Sambazon - acai fruit and juice from the Brazilian Amazon Satya Magazine - vegetarianism, environment, animal advocacy, social justice
Savon Cafe - handmade soap
Solar 1 - solar-powered green energy, arts and education center
Vivavi - contemporary sustainable furniture and design
Wee to Three - eco-friendly toys

Green Roofs
Congestion Relief Pricing
Zero Waste
Hybrid Taxis
Wind Power

CitySol is about celebrating New York's potential to dream and act big as it charts its course to a more sustainable future. In this spirit, Solar One connected with Situ Studio to design and fabricate a series of large-scale installations that would bring focus to key green policies and innovations that evrey New Yorker should be excited about. The goal was to generate pieces that would inform and provoke while also providing functional and aesthetically compelling elements to the outdoor venue. We sought to make the ideas come alive by building them into the space itself.

Installation subjects were considered on the basis of their applicability and availability vis-a-vis a number of our City's most chronic environmental and quality of life challenges -- most notably, poor air and water quality, escalating energy use, the urban heat island effect, climate change and unacceptable waste generation.

Green roofs, congestion relief pricing, hybrid taxis, renewable energy, and zero waste planning are among the most sensible solutions that New York could move to implement today, and therefore were chosen to been rendered for CitySol's 2006 season.

The completed installations resulted from an extensive research, design and construction process that involved not only Situ and Solar One, but also the invaluable contributions of several subject experts, dedicated volunteers, and generous material suppliers.

All of the materials used for the constructions were recycled and/or environmentally friendly. Nearly two thousand cardboard tubes used to build the solar pavilion were intercepted from the waste streams of construction sites and carpet dealers. Used tires were pulled off of the banks of the East River. Six model wind turbines were made with reused materials and environmentally-friendly foam and resin. Additional seating came from a large recylcing plant located just outside of the city.

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