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Ever heard about Bamboo Kun? Read Sam Petter's excitement at finding out about the wonderful properties of bamboo and what Tatty Bumpkin have done with this amazing new fabric.

As a company looking for innovative products that are practical, comfortable and hard wearing we started investigating Bamboo 2 years ago.

-Bamboo is a wonderful new fabric wtih very special properties:-
-The nature of the fibre means it has anti-UVA properties,
-Natural anti-bacterial properties excellent for sensitivities,
-The fibre grows stronger with each wash,
-Breathable and cool with sweat absorption properties,
-Dries incredibly quickly,
-100% biodegradable,
-Grown without pesticides as Scientists found that bamboo owns a unique anti-bacteria and bacteriostasis bio-agent named 'bamboo kun' which means it is seldom eaten by pests.
-The plant generates more oxygen that a similar-size grove of trees. A small stand of bamboo can reduce the temperature in its immediate environment by as much as 10 degrees.
-Bamboo is considered one of the fastest growing plants known.
-Bamboo renews itself in three to five years, without the need for replanting.

Initially we started with a Bamboo fibre sunshirt which has proved popular, this year we diversified into bedding, pyjamas and layered tops.

We have had numerous reports of children sleeping through the night since having the Bamboo bedlinen - it is soft, warm yet cool, and hugs the child - 'like being cuddled by a cloud' as one 3 year old said.

In terms of selling Bamboo, it is not easy as such a new fabric - many people do not have any concept of what it feels like, so to sell it through a website relies on the trust of existing customers.

Feedback has been fantastic and we remain committed to it for environmental reasons but also as a fabric of the future.

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