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Sally Cooper Founder of Narcist modelling Junky Styling
Sally Cooper talks exclusively to PK about why she founded Narcist and the ethos she follows for choosing the right garments and footwear
for her boutique.

In the approach to my 30th Birthday I was filled with despair.... not out of dread at the age I was about to turn but because of the number of fruitless days I had spent trawling around the Brighton shops in a desperate search for 'the outfit' for me to wear on my special day.

I was loath to go to London to find something, but after many weeks searching I had to give in and give up. I wasn't going to find anything that even slightly fit the bill.

I was searching for something different, something pretty and something that I would feel confident had been made in an ethical way. Unfortunately all there seemed to be to choose from was the usual high street offerings, safe designer wear or hippy tie die numbers that were fit for Glastonbury, not my glamorous party!

I ended up adapting and wearing an old ensemble that had been kicking around my wardrobe for years, my own bit of recycling I guess. The good thing that had come out of all this trauma was the idea for Narcist.

After quietly putting up with my moaning about the lack of choice in Brighton for a month my partner Christian asked one day why I didn't open my own shop and bring the labels I so desperately missed to Brighton myself!?!?!

Men's Vivo Barefoot Dharma

Narcist is a designer mens and womens clothing and accessories boutique in the heart of North Laine, Brighton. Born out of a lifelong love and need for all things beautiful, exclusive and individual. Striving to work with brands that are not only producing desirable, stylish products but also share our passion and awareness for using sustainable resources and employ non exploitive, ethical production values.

Narcist opened a year ago initially stocking the brands we had worn and some that we had modeled for in London like Junky Styling and Michiko Koshino, but soon after opening we were being approached by many labels all sharing our ethos and wanting an outlet for their clothing, bags, shoes, jewellery etc. Narcist has grown into a really exciting mix of colourful, stylish, high quality pieces, all with their own story.

Beyond Skin Angelina in Subtle Green Glitter
Shoes were always a big hit from the start. It seemed that the frustration to find original ethical footwear was shared by many and the as an old friend of Terra Plana it was great to be able to bring their shoes to Brighton. Worn Again recycled trainers continue to sell out and the new Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot range have also got a good following already but there was a certain element of sexy womens shoes that I was missing until one day a beautiful, stylish lady walked in and introduced herself as Natalie from Beyond Skin. She has brought to Narcist the most elegant, sexy desirable shoes any woman could dream of, all ethical and all vegan.

Shopping at Narcist is an experience. You walk away not only with a new garment to make you feel fabulous, but also with an insight into its history. We all know if we look nice we feel good, well I want people to also know that the choices they have made don't make them look good at the expense of another, or of the environment. They look good with a clear conscience.

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Visit Narcist at
39b Sydney Street, Brighton, BN1 4EP
01273 681 721
Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11-6, Sunday 12-5
Closed Wednesday

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