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Gav Lawson, founder of THTC with Dru Lawson, talks to Kucha about bringing us Cutting-Edge Fashion with a Clear Conscience

The original ethical streetwear label THTC (The Hemp Trading Company) has produced a cutting-edge celebrity-endorsed capsule collection; exceptionally-made to weather any ‘fast fashion’ trends with a clear conscience.

Famous around the globe for producing sweat-shop and pesticide-free t-shirts and hooded-tops, THTC has expanded with an innovative range of garments and accessories, designed and made with independent thinkers and street culture in mind. Using the ultimate in sustainable fabrics; blends of hemp, organic cotton and bamboo, this tight range is void of fussy embellishment - a clean guilt-free range in every sense of the word.

The style is urban and edgy; industrial-wear meets rock solid sportswear. With echoes of hip hop divas and extreme sports pros, the statement is loud and clear.

With a 9yr history of ethical production and now with SEE companies ( accreditation, there’s no dark history hidden in the THTC label; produced under ethically-audited conditions from the crop cultivation to the final display. THTC is for people who really know what their clothes say, and want to wear their heart on their tee.

THTC supports the Environmental Justice Foundation in their campaign reflected in the short documentary - White Gold:

THTC, nominated for Fashion Product of the year at the 2007 Observer Ethical Awards, continues to work with some of the most talented DJs, MCs and graffiti artists from around the globe and has produced alongside some of the urban music scene's biggest names, including the likes of Morcheeba, Goldie, De La Soul, Wu Tang Clan, Benjamin Zephaniah, and Asian Dub Foundation. As well as providing clothing for their sponsored artists THTC has also produced merchandise for over 40 bands, magazines, societies and artists. Fans of the label include Richard Branson, Sam Roddick, Woody Harrelson, Benjamin Zephaniah, Trojan Sound System and Charlotte Di Vita, founder of 21st Century Leaders.

Recent THTC collaborations include:
- a limited edition ethical fashion range with hip hop legends Zulu Nation to coincide with the anniversary of the birth of hip hop.

- a limited edition t-shirt in support of the Burma Campaign UK, supported by the much-hyped band Lo Star and actor Martin Freeman, with contributions from sales going directly to the campaign.

Jeremy Smith says of THTC:
“When I started work at the Ecologist magazine seven years ago the idea that environmentally friendly clothes could also be at the cutting edge of fashion was laughable. It was back then that I first met Gav and Dru from THTC. While everyone else seemed to be making ill fitting and deeply unflattering clothes that wouldn't make it into a Littlewoods catalogue, they were - years before anyone else that I knew of - actually responding to what the young people with whom they remain so connected wanted to be seen wearing. Now of course every Kate, Sienna and Lily wants to be seen in green, but for me it will always be THTC that got there first and did and said it best.”

The NEW SS08 Collection - Being Released in May
"It's been a long time coming, but after 9 years of producing some of the finest t-shirts the world has ever seen and definitely the finest hemp t-shirts in history, THTC is now releasing a full range of other products. The new range includes, not only brand new t-shirt designs and colours but zip hoodies, zip track tops, tracksuit bottoms, polo shirts, reversible belts, reversible caps and more. Everything contains 55% hemp apart from the girls' polo shirts and some of the girls' t-shirts which are made from bamboo and organic cotton.

Wear hemp - your body and the plant will thank you!
We are continuously doing what we can to provide the most original, cutting edge hemp wear available and would like to thank each and every one of you who have ordered a THTC garment in the past. As you may know, hemp is a wonder crop which has, in the past, been overlooked due, in no small part, to its relationship with its smokable cousin. However, the fact that hemp can be used to make renewable clothing, paper, engine fuel, plastics and building blocks to name just a few of its uses means that its recent revival has been undeniably imminent.

By using 55% hemp in a t-shirt instead of 100% conventionally grown cotton over 2500 litres of water can be saved. This is because cotton is a very thirsty plant and hemp can be grown in almost any climate and without the use of pesticides.

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