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Embellished Truth is a new accessories label which focuses on environmental sensibilities. Launched in September 2007, it creates trans-seasonal handbag collections for the luxury fashion market. The founder Bharati Manchanda shares her passion with Kucha...

As a designer I have always been interested in anything and everything creative, from fashion to jewellery and shoes, especially playing with different textures and surface embellishments. Launching my own label has been my main ambition since graduating in fashion design, and having my own fashion business has been a natural progression from working within industry. After a stint of styling and creating one off customised pieces, I decided to focus on my passion for handbags.

Researching the leather industry was quite an eye opener for me, as I always thought leather to be such a natural product. However, having read about the pollution caused by the production process and the use of heavy metals, I felt that I had to find an alternative. The eco fashion market began to fascinate me, and I became passionate about incorporating ethical principles into my designs. Sourcing eco-friendly leather has taken over a year, but the time taken and knowledge gained has been invaluable.

Olivia Bag in Cream Vegetable Tanned Leather
Conventional tanning methods use many harsh chemicals to create long lasting and flexible material on a quick time scale. Among theses chrome is the worst offender, and can have a negative impact on people and the environment. Whereas vegetable tanned leather, has a more gentle approach; the whole process can take much longer to produce but retains the natural qualities of each hide.

Each Embellished Truth handbag is made from the finest vegetable tanned leather which is free from chrome and other heavy metals, and assures kindness to skin. Furthermore, the tanning process uses only vegetable and plant substances which are harvested in a sustainable way. The end result is beautifully soft, breathable and biodegradable leather.

Vegetable Tanned Leather in Antique Tan
Inspired by Indian culture, prints and embellishments each bag is designed to be sophisticated and functional with exquisite attention to detail, individually handmade in London. The designs range from large everyday handbags to small evening clutches, hand embossed with an original paisley design. Moreover, the natural characteristics of the leather ensure that its appearance is always evolving, and becoming unique to the wearer. A luxurious piece to treasure for many years.

The process of research and development is ongoing and I am excited about incorporating new eco fabrics into my designs and expanding my product range, so watch this space.

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