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Organic Events produce Daisy Chain Live, on 22nd and 23rd April 2006 in the Midlands, bringing a brand new green experience to the region.

An annual international showcase held at a prestigious venue incorporating businesses, government bodies and community organisations within the green movement all showing in one place providing information and solutions to you face to face.

We all want to be more Eco-friendly, but it is difficult knowing where to start, so Daisy Chain Live gives the chance to find out; 2 days of shopping, information gathering and meeting like-minded people. All you need for going or being greener for yourself, your family and your home, inside and out.

An indoor public show filled with traders and organisations from all areas exhibiting environmentally friendly solutions. Green solutions are out there to consumer issues but they can be hard to find, this event is your green marketplace. Scrutinise your shopping!

“Being green is easier to do than you think; it feels great doing something positive.”

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