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FOUR Potentially Perfect T-Shirts

Our perfect t-shirt project, better thinking’s self-initiated challenge to create the world's most socially positive and environmentally responsible garment, keeps on getting more and more exciting. At the beginning of the month the forum went into a new stage of life, with four potentially perfect t-shirts being unveiled for anyone and everyone to discuss, criticise, cheer on or insult… in fact, react to in just about every way imaginable, in some very heated exchanges.

100,000 hits and 267 votes later, the poll at the time of writing looks as follows:

The voting’s still open so there’s still time to add your views and influence the opinion. But here’s what’s happened so far:

The most passionate debates were to be found in the socially responsible and local t-shirt forums. Damien Sanfilippo, Cotton Project Officer at Pesticide Action Network UK, wrote a five-page response to the four shirts, pointing out why, in his opinion, the organic rain-fed shirt was by far the most ethical option, as it was not only environmentally sound, but had the opportunity to directly improve the lives of 700 farmers and raise awareness on behalf of 20,000 more. However, in a world of overly complex ethical production procedures and hugely varied independent labour standards, the local t-shirt is refreshingly easy to understand, and may be a better blueprint for production in the long-term.

The ultimate conclusion from all of the debate was that there isn’t one perfect t-shirt, there’s a number. Tim in America put it perfectly: ‘I'd buy any one of these shirts. Each one is a gigantic step away from the shirt I am wearing right now. And as more people put their money into efforts like these, more choices will become available and we can all have exactly what we want.’ The sad thing is, for the time being at least, we’ll only be able to develop one.

To find out more about our perfect t-shirt project and what’s been happening most recently, check out the site at

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