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Natural and Organic Fair
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Sunday, 7th May 2006

Dedicated to the environment, Natural and Organic Festivals aim to bring together local people with a passion for natural healthy living, face to face with businesses and other organisations working hard to provide supplies and information you can trust.

At the fairs you'll find a wide variety of exhibitors offering everything from organically certified fruit and veg or meat 'box scheme' delivery services, to others that cater exclusivley for allergy sufferers. From people with an interest in fair trade projects, to those that specialise in natural cosmetics and skin care.

Over 200 companies, along with numerous co-operatives have exhibited at 'Natural & Organic World'. Moreover the events have been attended by; The Soil Association, several Local Authorities, The HDRA, The CPRE, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, not to mention many others. A typical local event often attracts as many as 50 exhibitors.

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