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Welcome to The Natural Store's Wedding Gift List, the ultimate - and only - Wedding List Service available for the finest quality ethical items. Not only are all Natural Store items either natural, organic, fairly traded or ethical, we will also donate to charity, on your behalf, 2.5 pence of the price of each item chosen by a guest from your Wedding List. Please click here to view more information about charity donations.

Whether you are a wedding guest holding a recently received invitation, or the happy couple looking to create a wedding list that reflects you both, we look forward to helping make the occasion truly memorable with our 'ethical' Wedding Gift Service.

If you are the Happy Couple, to create your Wedding Gift List click here view my wedding list

If you are a Wedding Guest, to view a Wedding Gift List click here

Cathy Teesdale of Vivid Photography is an award-winning photographer who has a passion for capturing beauty, emotion, individual personalities and timeless moments through the lens.

Friendly, unobtrusive and intuitive, she is also an incurable romantic who puts her heart and soul into encapsulating the full, natural story of your day so that your hi-res DVD, prints, traditional album or printed wedding storybook bring all the emotions and magic flooding back, in fresh and vivid detail, for the rest of your lives and for generations to come.

Having fully crossed over from film to digital in 2004, Cathy no longer uses a ton of film rolls or toxic developing chemicals, and saves trees and paper too by presenting 150-600 proofs of the most stunning and telling images of you and your day in an online gallery and as a CD slideshow. Her all-inclusive package prices start at £775 for a 4-hour wedding, and include from 20 to 200 superb quality, hand-finished prints.

Please visit Cathys website to see examples of her evocative, empathetic style and call her on 07961 179 321 to arrange the best time and place for your initial, no-obligation wedding photography consultation and free engagement portrait shoot.

Cred Jewellery's fair trade wedding rings are available in 18ct white or yellow gold. Handmade by master jewellers, they are free from any kind of exploitation.

Cred Jewellery believe that jewellery should not only be judged by the beauty of the finished item, but also the impact that its creation has had on the people that mined the metal or gemstone and the environment. Their unique partnerships enable them to provide exceptional jewellery that you can wear with the knowledge that there has been no exploitation of any kind in its creation. There are wide ranging social and environmental problems linked to the global jewellery supply chain. From child labour and the exploitation of indigenous people groups to environmental degradation and disaster.

Designed in and created in England, with the metal coming from abroad, Cred is commited to providing a positive fair trade alternative that pays special attention to human rights, labour standards and care for the environment. Their pursuit of this has led to unique partnerships with small-scale mining communities (Oro Verde), cutting and polishing co-operative workshops, master jewellers and stone setters. All of whom are dedicated to the idea of fair trade jewellery. Each piece of jewellery they create comes with its own social and environmental certification issued by IIAP and the Cred makers mark.

Click here to view Cred Jewellery Wedding Rings

Bespoke Luxury Design Service for Engagement & Wedding Rings

Both Fifi Bijoux and Cred Jewellery offer a bespoke engagement and wedding ring service.

Fifi Bijoux - predominantly designing for clients in Scotland and London - is an intoxicating blend of conscience and luxury who can tailor your engagement or wedding rings just for you. Fifi B has created a collection of contemporary gold jewellery which uses fairly traded, ethically mined gold and precious gems from specialist socially and environmentally responsible mining programmes. The jewellery is made here in the UK by master goldsmiths.

The Fifi Bijoux label made it’s London Fashion Week debut in Spring 2007 with collections including Fifi Bijoux Gentleman, La Belle Epoque, as well as an ethically mined diamond collection.

Please call The Natural Store on 01273 746781 to arrange a consultation with either Fifi Bijoux or Cred Jewellery.

The Tammam Studio - based in London - sources stunning developing peace silks and beautiful vegan satins all woven under Fair Trade conditions. All the bespoke dresses are handmade by the resident designer, Lucy, in the Tammam Studio. Pret a porter dresses (approx £800) are made in Fair Trade workshops in India and nepal (please allow 13 weeks) and can be adjusted to fit at the London studio where clients are met for appointments and especially at the later stages of the dress making. Fair trade embellishment (embroidery / beading is carried out at a workshop in India).

Conscious Elegance -based in the Eastern US - feels that you needn't compromise your values to look stunning. With a Conscious Elegance gown, you may let all of nature rejoice with you on your special day. They individually create their original wedding dress and bridesmaid/occasion gown patterns from eco-friendly fabrics to your own measurements. Swatch packets of current fabrics available.

Please call The Natural Store on 01273 746781 to arrange a consultation with the Tammam Studio or Conscious Elegance.

Timothy Han Candles are deliciously scented candles in beautiful reusable glass containers. Handcrafted using only the finest all-natural plant-based ingredients from 100% soy wax, aromatherapy grade pure essential oils and a metal-free unbleached cotton wick. The precious botanical essential oils are carefully blended throughout the wax to ensure a long-lasting and delicate scent. Timothy Han Candles come in an array of beautiful scents, or unscented, as you prefer. As seen in Vogue, The Observer and Condé Nast Traveller.
Click here to view the Timothy Han Candle Collection

Mandala Aroma Love, Strength, Wisdom & Courage Candles are handmade luxury all-natural vegetable wax created with 100% pure essential oils. Candle wax is carefully poured into a glass container and presented in a handmade box. No paraffin, or black smoke just pure aroma to enhance the room and your mood. Light up your life and enhance it with innovative, evocative, beautifully fragranced Mandala Aroma Candles in the Scents of Wisdom, Love, Courage and Strength.
Click here to view the Mandala Aroma Candle Collection

The Abahna White Grapefruit and May Chang Candle creates a soft light and calming ambience. The white grapefruit is an intensely fresh aroma with uplifting and stimulating qualities. Whilst the May Chang has a sweet and lemony fragrance helping to refresh the mind and inspire positive emotions. Made with 100% natural wax so they burn cleanly and evenly. Matches included.
Click here to view the White Grapefruit and May Chang Candle by Abahna

Florascent Room Fragrances are set in a jewellery box with rattan stems for fragrance diffusion. Perfumery is a work of art, in so far as it takes form from a creative act and obeys an aesthetic desire, the result of a pure unrefined extract and not an Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette. Florascent presents the beautiful cherub inscribed jar filled with the most wonderful selection of natural room fragrances. Find out why these are all the rage in Europe with five alluring scents.

Click here to view the Florascent Room Fragrance Collection

The Natural Store's Candle Collection and Room Fragrances are perfect for your ceremony, on your tables at the reception or as gifts for your guests.

The Natural Store is hoping to bring to you, in the forthcoming weeks, organic flowers from Holland and locally-sourced flowers from various flower producers around the UK.

Wickle have carefully packaged natural red rose petals and hand cut butterfly and flower shapes to use as confetti, or to lavish as decoration at your Wedding. Both are completely bio-degradable.

Click here to view 'Red Rose Petals' and 'Handcut Butterfly & Flower Shapes'

Kolkata offers a full range of hand-crafted wedding stationery and gift boxes, all of which are ethically traded from India. Wedding invitations are individually hand painted, and can be made to match the colour and theme of your wedding.

As each piece is hand-crafted, orders must be made six months before your wedding to ensure they meet your needs in time.

For the full range of designs available, please contact The Natural Store on 01273 746781, who will arrange for Kolkata to contact you and discuss your individual requirements. Kolkata is based in Sussex (UK).

Beyond Skin has produced a classic - yet unique - collection of beautiful shoes that are produced in a manner that is non-exploitative to animals or humans and - wherever possible - the greater environment. All Beyond Skin's footwear is stitched, lasted and finished by hand, by a small manufacturer in East London.

Wherever possible, Beyond Skin is committed to sourcing the most eco-friendly, natural fabric alternatives. Every attempt is made to stay as informed as possible of more natural, organic fabrics as they are developed and become more available on the market. They have a selection of different fabrics ranging from sumptuous satins and soft suedes, to organic cottons and each season will see the introduction of new materials. The whole colleciton is vegetarian/vegan.

Click here to go to Beyond Skin Shoes

If you would like a bespoke service of made to order footwear in a selection of beautiful fabrics - with prices starting from £240 - please call The Natural Store on 01273 746781.

Enamore has produced a luxurious range of lingerie for brides titled the Annabel Collection. Handmade in England from pearl organic silk satin with delicate light green lace. The designs are inspired by vintage shapes with the collection including an exquisite bias cut 'Camisole' that is so soft and drapes the figure - beautifully trimmed with lace and ribbon. Oh so sweet ruffle 'Full Knickers'. A delicate 'Garter' made from the same organic silk satin with trims and a 'Matching Eye Mask'.

Click here to go to the Enamore Bridal Lingerie Collection

Jane Iredale, Lavera and Purity Cosmetics offer you the perfect natural, mineral make-up delights. Shimmering opals, iridescents, pearls and deeper exotic shades, there is something for every colour of skin.

Jane Iredale's Skin Care Makeup combines the most up-to-date colours with skin-care benefits that conventional makeups can only envy. Fantastic on, 100% natural with minerals that feed and heal the skin.

Lavera Natural Cosmetics has a genuine concern for nature and an openness to new ideas and findings. This is proven by the innovative products such as decorative cosmetics, the lavera refill system, and by the products being rated 'Recommended' over 130 times by the critical German consumer magazine OKO TEST.

Purity Cosmetics is a new small British company dedicated to providing natural, chemical free alternatives to traditional makeup.

Purity Cosmetics is ideal for problem or sensitive skin as all the ingredients are naturally derived from earth minerals. It provides complete coverage of blemishes as well as being non-irritating to the affected area, not drying, and remains flawless throughout the day.

Click here to go to view the entire Natural Make-Up Collection

Rich Hippie Organic Perfumes has brought back traditional perfumery techniques employed by the great French perfumers at the turn of the last century, to create a line of perfumes that is truly beautiful and unique..."where you can actually smell the real flowers."

All of the great French perfumes that were made at the turn of the last century were in fact organic and used organic plants and flowers plus organic alcohol made from grapes. Today, to create a truly great perfume that is as beautiful, pure and clean as those perfumes, one has to go the extra step and actually produce the alchol and procure the organic grapes.

Bohemian Wedding Scent - a chic, romantic, earthy floral organic perfume with notes of Sumatran patchouli and Italian citrus. Click here to go to Scent

Maharishi Scent - Soft, alluring and spiritual. A complex floral with notes of davana, vetivert and spiritual flowers of India. Click here to go to Scent

Rich Hippie - Hip, bohemian, seductive floral with extracts of African flowers, Madagascan vanilla bean and light notes of Guatemalan cardamom. Click here to go to Scent

Florascent, Farfalla, Alqvimia and Wickle at The Natural Store bring us a wonderful array of natural body sprays, sents and fragrances. Click here to go to view the entire Natural Perfume Collection for Ladies

Farfalla and Florascent have a wonderful selection of Colognes and Splash-On Aftershaves, perfect for your Special Day!

Farfalla - An aromatherapy based range of Spa products from Switzerland. Farfalla was the first Swiss company to concentrate solely on the use of natural and organic ingredients and has been creating their wonderful collection over the last 20 years. 98% of the perfume's composition stems from controlled organic crops. As a base Farfalla uses alcohol and flower water specially produced in organic quality and does no animal testing.

Florascent - An organic feast of fragrances from the master perfumer Roland Tentunian, continuing the 17th century tradition of the European art of perfumery. Lavish fragrances - the ultimate indulgence.

Click here to go to view our Gentlemen's Colognes & Aftershaves

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