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Jasmine Silk - Silk Filled Duvet (Summer Weight: 4 Tog)

Size: 140 x 200cm

Experience the luxury of a silk filled duvet by Jasmine Silk. These duvets contains over one hundred layers of Grade A premium long-fibre mulberry silk which makes them incredibly breathable and comfortable.

Carefully hand stretched and layered within a 300 thread count pure cotton sateen outer, it allows the silk duvet to breathe against your skin. The mulberry silk filling is sewn to the casing so the filling won't move around at any time. Also comeswith a small inspection zip where you can inspect the quality of the silk inside the duvet.

Depending on the temperature, silk duvets either draw heat away from the body or trap in the warmth, ensuring a comfortable night sleep throughout the year. All these silk duvets pass Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

These highest quality mulberry silk duvets can easily last upwards of 20 years. The long threads in mulberry silk along with its natural tendency to adhere and bond with itself creates a fabric that is very durable and long lasting.

Mulberry Silk is naturally hypo-allergenic so is great for allergy sufferers, and is also beneficial to those who suffer aches and pains, itchy skin such as rosacea and eczema and may aid blood circulation and digestion when sleeping.

Jasmine Silk duvets are available in lightweight (summer), medium (all season) and combination options. Combination is the lightweight and medium duvets buttoned together, two in one silk duvet giving extra value. Separate for summer months and join together for the cooler months.

Tog Rating:

  • Summer lightweight duvet with 250gsm silk will be the equivalent of a 4 tog
  • All Season medium duvet with 600gsm silk will be equivalent of a 9 tog
  • Combination duvet, duvets of 250gsm and 600gsm that fasten together, will be a 13 tog
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