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Natural Rattan Reed Diffuser with 100% Pure Essential Oils of Rosemary & Peppermint


The rosemary and peppermint essential oils are wonderfully cool, uplifting and refreshing. Both fragrances are fantastic at helping to stimulate and revive the body, and wake up the mind, and the fresh, clean, bright and minty aroma makes a wonderful diffuser for the kitchen, bathroom or office.

Luxurious, Natural Rattan Reed Diffusers are a wonderful way to naturally fragrance any room. Only the finest 100% pure essential essential oils are mixed with a non-toxic, alcohol-free base to create a stunning collection of scents for your home.

These diffusers are a safe and long-lasting method of scenting the air without the need for an open flame, chemicals, or flammable alcohol and, because of that, there is no evaporation of the liquid, and many months on, your bottle will remain just as full and smelling wonderful!

The diffusers work through the wicking of the fragrance up through the honeycomb like reeds which then disperse the fragrance into the air and, by simply removing the reeds and replacing them back in the bottle upside down, a fresh new burst of fragrance will be released into the room.

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  The Natural Store  Organic Cotton. Organic Living. Hemp and Ethical Fashion. Natural Luxury