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Tri-Dosha 'Pitta' Body and Massage Oil - Cooling

Size: 100ml

Tri-Dosha's Pitta recipe: in ancient texts, pitta aligns with the elements of fire and water. It controls our digestion system and metabolic rate and it manifests as action and strength in our personalities.

Physical: Our formula nourishes and cleanses the skin and cools a ‘hot’ body temperature.

Physiological: Tri-Dosha Pitta massage/body oil controls the digestive system and metabolic rate to cool an aggravated Pitta so useful for those with unbalanced digestion that have heat signs such as acidity and inflammation in the digestive tract. Dashmool is particularly good for nervous system, retuning mental and physical strength. The formula clears heat from the digestive system whilst enkindling a healthy digestive fire. Retunes the body, joints, and detoxes the skin, also helps with ‘loose’ skin.

Psychological: An effective formula for cooling pitta aggravation; gives complete energy regulation; and acts as a brain tonic.

Key Oils: Lemongrass, Lavender, Chamomile
Key Ayurvedic Herbs: Sandalwood, Dashmool

Ayurvedic culture is a movement, just as yoga is. Inherently spiritual in outlook, it makes kindness, charity, compassion, and honesty the main values for harmony in life.

Not for use during pregnancy. For usage instructions and ingredients, see 'more info'.

  • Balances digestion, cools and clears heat and acidity
  • Helps purify the body, excellent for problematic skin
  • Improves digestion and relieves Pitta (hot) type body temperature
  • De-stress formula for those who lead a demanding lifestyle

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