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Alva Sanddorn Shower & Cleansing Gel (Vegan)

Size: 100ml

This refreshing, fruity shower gel has a mild lather and is ideally suitable for cleansing skin and hair on a daily basis. Natural wheat protein increases your skin's moisture retention. 100% free from ammonium lauryl sulphate. Moisturising and deeply cleansing shower gel for mature and sensitive skin.

The carefully cold-pressed oil from organic sea buckthorn berries is one of the most valuable botanical oils on the earth. The energies released from the sea buckthorn were prized in the highlands of ancient Tibet as a preparation against strong ultraviolet radiation and the accompanying premature aging of the skin. Based on this knowledge that has been handed down through time, alva has developed a face and body care series that has been proven to counter the premature signs of aging: Alva Sanddorn Cosmetics.

Modern scientific trials have proven among other things that: Alva Sanddorn Cosmetics increase the moisture level of skin by up to 76% in 28 days and help UV-related skin irritations subside up to 93% quicker. Sanddorn products are rich in provitamin A, vitamin E, and unsaturated fatty acids such as olein and the very rare palm oleic acid. All of these ingredients and the visible lifting effect make Sanddorn Cosmetics the optimal systematic care for skin from age 30 on.

Alva does not use mineral oils such as paraffin oil and Vaseline as well as parabens, sulphate compound surfactants (e.g. ammonium lauryl sulphate) and raw materials derived from dead animals.

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