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Moses Basket Mattress (In Sizes: 66.5x30cm, 74x28cm, 75x28cm)


Newborn babies sleep on average 14 hours per day on their mattress, which is why these natural moses basket mattresses focus only on offering your baby the best quality support in a safe and healthy sleeping environment. Unlike foam mattresses, luxury wrapped layers of natural materials ensure your baby is sleeping safely on a pure and healthy surface, free from chemicals and foams.

A natural coconut coir fibre inner which acts like thousands of tiny springs, reducing pressure points and providing an evenly sprung support. This is coated in natural latex which binds the fibres together.

For extra softness and comfort, a pure new, dust-mite resistant, luxury lambswool pad is added to both sides of the fibre, providing quality support and helping to keep your baby cool during summer and cosy during winter.

This is then covered with a breathable natural cotton outer, which protects the entire mattress. The mattresses is 3 cm in depth.

There are absolutely no fire retardant chemicals used on this mattress or any of its components. It is also guaranteed for 5 years.

How to choose the mattress size to order
Measure the length and width in cms of the inside of your moses basket. Order a mattress that has no more than a 1cm gap or less between the mattress and the inner wall of the basket on either the length or the width. Any gaps between the mattress and the walls of the basket should be no greater than 1 cm in size. We would not recommend using anything to fill any of the gaps.

The 66.5cm x 30cm is suitable for the Mamas and Papas Moses Baskets. The 74cm x 28cm is suitable for Claire de Lune and Leipold Moses Baskets. The 75cm x 28cm is suitable for Mothercare Moses Baskets.

Please note: It is recommended to turn the mattress regularly. Also, the outer natural cotton cover is not waterproof, so it is advisable to also obtain an organic cotton waterproof mattress protector.

*Please try your mattress in the basket, still in its protective packaging, and ensure that you are happy with it and wish to keep it, prior to removing the outer packaging, in case you wish to return it.*

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Designed and manufactured to government safety legislations BS 1877: part 10 1997 and BS 7177: 1996.

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