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Alva Specialist Skincare 'SalvaDerm' (Vegan)

Size: 50ml

SalvaDerm's unique dual action system harnesses the power of micro silver that works hard to inhibit infections and to soothe the skin, quickly relieving inflammation, severe itching and the urge to scratch. The patented vegan natural source beta glucan, strengthens and sustains the immune system, promoting the skin's powers of resistance and regeneration whilst helping to mitigate new attacks. Vitamin E protects sensitive skin from free radicals, aloe vera soothes and promotes healing, jojoba oil and shea butter offer effective and natural moisturizing properties.

Dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis can seriously compromise quality of life, but with traditional allopathic treatment using steroid medications, many sufferers and parents of children with these conditions are increasingly turning to more natural approaches.

A recent report from BBC News (24th March, 2009) revealed a 42% rise in the diagnosis of eczema between 2001 and 2005, with an estimated 5.7m adults and children affected.

A paper in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine indicated that eczema is thought to be a trigger for other allergic reactions.

Researchers using data from GP records of 9m people showed that by 2005, at some point or another, one in nine people in the UK had been affected by eczema, the highest rate being in boys aged between five and nine.

Study leader, Professor Aziz Sheikh of University of Edinburgh, commented on the increasing incidence of eczema, especially in view of the link between conditions such as asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Theory suggests that allergens may be able to cross the skin's barrier in eczema sufferers, whereas with non-sufferers the skin provided an adequate and effective barrier.

Professor Aziz suggested that environmental factors are likely to play a causal role and that genetic predisposition was not the only trigger.

Margaret Cox of the National Eczema Society agrees that modern living may be a contributing factor, with excessive bathing dehydrating the skin, with detergents taking away the skin's natural and essential oils. The over-use of harsh chemical-laden detergents from an early age seems to play a role here.

Using steroids to treat eczema and other similar skin conditions can weaken the immune system and in the long run make the body vulnerable to skin infections. In order to break this vicious cycle, Alva has developed SalvaDerm. Certified organic dual action SalvaDerm cream relieves itching and infections, and rapidly builds up the immune system.

This hypoallergenic formula is both fragrance and alcohol free.

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Bria Organic 'Relief Repair Replenish' Body Oil (100mls)

Size: 100ml

A vitamin-rich body oil from Bria specially formulated with organic shea butter to replenish dry skin and for eczema conditions. Fragrance-free and gentle enough for super-sensitive skin.

Use as often as required for adults, children and babies.

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Bria 'Relief Repair Replenish' Organic Balm

Size: 60ml

This soothing, repairing and highly moisturising Balm from Bria Organics is very effective for dry and sore skin conditions such as eczema. Also gentle and effective for cradle cap.

For use on face and body as often as required for those aged over 1 month. Unscented and free from essential oils so itís ideal for extra sensitive skin.

100% Natural - preservative and chemical free.

  • Borage oil - Replenishes
  • Rosehip - Repairs
  • Chickweed - Cools & helps ease itching
  • Beeswax - Protects
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Trevarno Organic Soothing Balm (previously Camomile Ointment) For All Skin Types

Size: 30ml

Organic Soothing Balm (previously Camomile Ointment) is a rich, caring balm created using the gentlest organic ingredients to help replenish and soothe distressed and delicate skin.

Combining the calming qualities of camomile and lavender with the restorative properties of st johnís wort, this multi-purpose balm works to relieve a wide variety of skin conditions. Great for soothing sore, irritated skin caused by allergies, psoriasis, and eczema (particularly wet eczema). Also effective for treating inflamed and blemished skin as well as skin sores and insect bites.
Suitable for sensitive skin.

How to Use:
Usage advice - With clean fingertips, apply sparingly to the affected area. The balm can be applied as often as required and is suitable for use anywhere on the body, including the face.

Use with the complementary Camomile Soap, a naturally mild cleanser for use on irritated, distressed and sensitive skin. Particularly beneficial for those with allergies, psoriasis and eczema (especially wet eczema).

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