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Anti-Germ / Anti-Viral 100% Natural Surface Sanitiser (Vegan)

Size: 500ml

DAILY MAIL says "This is one of the 12 best Germ busters. Protect against spread of seasonal flu."

A 100% All Natural Anti-Viral Sanitiser for all your surfaces in the Kitchen and Bathroom! Even for telephones, mobile phones, your computer mouse, door handles, tv remote controls, etc. At the Office.

100% natural - vegan certified - non toxic - biodegradable - no alcohol.

Formulated with powerful essential oils chosen for their anti-viral properties including tea tree which has been known and used for centuries to fight off illness and infection, with the scent of eucalyptus and lemongrass.

Just spray onto a paper towel, wipe the item thoroughly and discard the paper towel to avoid cross contamination.

The essential oils have been selected for their established powerful anti-viral capabilities. All natural ingredients, no alcohol. Water, Sugar beet surfactant, Citric acid, Sodium sesqui carbonate, Xanthan gum, anti-viral essential oils.

  • Made from pure natural ingredients
  • Vegetarian Society approved
  • Not tested on animals
  • Petrochemical/phosphate free
  • SLS/SLES free
  • Free from synthetic colours and fragrances
  • Free from any synthetic additives
  • No bulking agents or chemicals
  • Safe for septic tanks

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