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Alqvimia 'Queen of Hungary' Water

Size: 150ml / 5.25 fl oz
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During the Middle Ages a queen named Isabel lived in Hungary. She was famous for her beauty and seductive powers, yet the legend recounts that with the passing of the years she realised that her health and beauty were declining. One day, while riding her horse through the woods she met an alchemist whom she asked to prepare a lotion with which to recover her health and looks. The alchemist created a lotion using an alchemic tincture of rosemary to which he added rejuvenating and refreshing essential oils which lent the preparation a captivating fragrance. Shortly afterwards the queen’s lost beauty and health were restored. The formula became famous throughout Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and is still remembered today as “The Queen of Hungary’s Water”.

Queen of Hungary Water is a vitalising alchemic tincture made with Rosemary flowers and a synergy of refreshing essential oils. Apply to the lumbar (lower back) area, the stomach and the limbs in a vigorous massage before carrying out any body treatment. Application helps to achieve greater hyperaemia which aids the penetration of essential oils during the massage.

According to the ancient procedure used for making alchemic tincture of Rosemary, the flowers of the plant are gathered at a special time on a specific day, in order to reap the greatest benefit from its natural properties during the maceration process. The flowers are macerated in natural alcohol under the sun and the moon for over 40 days. Once the first stage has been completed, the tincture is filtered and the solid part is calcinated three times in a row. This process lasts for several weeks, which allows the natural oligoelements to be extracted from the plant and transferred into the alcohol.

Finally, essential oils of Rosemary, Bergamot, Petitgrain and Lemon are added to the tincture, providing an enchanting fresh and natural fragrance to this cosmetic blend.

Please note, due to EC Directives we can now only send perfume to addresses in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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